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Visiting and browsing

Facilis' tombstoneThe fortress was short-livedLonginus' tombstone and there is nothing to see of it now beyond the influence it is has had upon the layout of the modern town through that of the later colonia and town founded on top of it. A visit to the Castle Museum, however, quite apart from the delight of being able to explore the foundations of the (in)famous Temple of Claudius, contains much material pertinent to the army in Colchester, including the tombstones of the centurion Favonius Facilis and that of the Thracian cavalryman Longinus, recently reunited with his (Boudican?-) vandalised face. Note that the museum is currently closed for renovation until 2014.

The interwebs provide a website for Colchester Castle Museum and a Visit Colchester page on the Roman site. There is, naturally, a Wikipedia entry for Camulodunum.

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